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Jeff George






He left home at the age of 9 reportly after a harsh beating by his grandmother...




Sorry about that. It seemed to me when I started writing this it should have some twisted and bent tale as to why I tattoo baby dolls.

I searched my childhood memories for the one event that steered my world down the dark hole. None! My various employment over the years did include a short stint as a grave digger, but that turned out to be more about mowing the grass than digging anything by moon light.

Most of my other employment has been spent answering this question for people “what would it look like if...?” I mean that’s what artist/designers do, pull ideas from the gray area into the light for all to see. My whole life revolves around this question, its hard not to look at something just for what it is, but what it could be. Which leads me back to the Cherubs.

One day at my local junk yard, while trying to free some of the forgotten dibrie of life for sculpture material, I noticed an old tattoo on my junk dealer’s arm, it looked like vintage military. Under the grease and hair I kept trying to make out what it use to say. No luck. As we dickered over 50 cents my eye was drawn from his arm to an old doll sitting on a shelf in his shed. Yep! “what would it look like if...?” I think he wet himself when I asked him “how much you want for the doll?” He already thinks I’m a loon and that cinched it.

One hour of scrubbing, three days of deodorizing and five days of inking the first

Black Cherub was done.

The End

Jeff George

Artist Statement

Most of my sculptures are whimsical and humorous, taking common or familiar items and arranging them into new works that challenge most conventional thinking and ideas.

"I like creating work that people aren’t expecting to see in a gallery setting. Something that makes them stop, think for a minute, then crack a little smile.”



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