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Additional Services

UNINCORPORATED™ Studios offers full range of creative services, including print and web design, photography, video production, mobile development, e-commerce, and print production. UNINCORPORATED™ Studios is led by the vision, creative direction, and expertise of Ian Evenstar who brings his all-star team of designers, artists and project managers to every project.

UNINCORPORATED™ Studios produces all types of digital media such as viral videos, interactive games and on-line advertising. We also consult and help you analyze your overall marketing strategy and advise ways to improve your brand visibility and revenues.

We are on the leading edge of digital design, technology and the integration of new media, but we have our roots in traditional fine art, analogue media and print design. We are the only company that is comfortable working with ALL TYPES OF MEDIA.

We have data that supports the claim that companies who are not leveraging a digital strategy through web, mobile, video and social media, are losing business and will eventually lose their competitive advantage.

We also know that print is not dead and nothing beats the impact of professional photography and design when printed and distributed through an advertisement, flyer, press-kit, brochure, business card or sticker.

When digital and analog media are executed with the proper creative and strategic plan, success is imminent.

Our clients include retail stores, designers, companies, celebrities and brands. Our clients love working with us because we are smart, artistic, business-savvy experts who are down-to-earth, creative and talented.

WE LEAVE THE EGO at the door and hope that you'll knock on ours next time you have a project.

UNINCORPORATED™ Studios offers an array of custom services for your private label, including:

  1. Product decoration
    1. 4-color silk screen printing
    2. 5-color poly transfers
    3. Foil printing
    4. Neck labeling
    5. Vinyl plotting and transfer
  2. Printing
    1. T-shirts
    2. Stickers
    3. Posters
    4. Catalogs
    5. Business Cards / Stationery
    6. Banners
    7. Skateboards
  3. Marketing
    1. Product photography
    2. Sticker distribution
    3. Mailing list services
    4. Branding (logo design, market positioning, analysis, customer feedback)
    5. E-mail marketing (convert more sales, grow your mailing list)
    6. Social media marketing (get more fans, more likes, more shares, more follows)
  4. Web development
    1. Website design and development
    2. E-commerce
    3. Search Engine optimization
    4. Search Engine marketing
    5. Mobile App development
  5. Print / Web Design
    1. Logos
    2. E-mail templates
    3. Catalogs
    4. Brochures
    5. Advertisements
    6. Web sites
    7. Marketing materials
    8. T-shirt graphics

For more information and price quotes please contact us.

Hours of operation: Monday thru Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Email: unincorporated@mac.com

Telephone: 310.818.3639

Web: www.unincorporated.pro

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